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Despite attempts at projecting skinny bodies as the hallmark of beauty by run-way models, the real-life situation has always shown a preference for Curvy Women-type features in a female. The curvy body type is also known as the hourglass shape. It is said to present a sign of physical and sexual maturity in young women. Many popular celebrities have this body shape, with Beyonce and Nicki Minaj as readily available examples. What then is a Curvy Body Type? Let us find out.

What is a curvy body type?

A curvy body type, as the name implies, is a shape that has feminine features in which the hips and breasts are well-defined. A skinny body type has a lesser hip-to-breast ratio than an hourglass body. Generally, a hip measurement of 36 inches is considered as skinny, and from 37 inches upwards is considered curvy.

The curvy women’s body type is also subdivided into five different categories, namely: the mango, pear, spoon, curvy hourglass, and strawberry curvy women’s body types.

The mango shape has prominent hips and heavy thighs. Just like mango, there is a curved V at the bottom that is created by the thighs. The spoon body shape has the waist well-defined with a somewhat curvy body and prominent hips. The pear shape is similar to the spoon shape but differs in that it is only the hips that are well-defined. Here, the bust and waist are nearly equal, but the hips are much larger.

The curvy hourglass shape has the waist smaller than the hips and the chest, with both of them having almost equal measurements. Some people have this shape naturally, while others can try outfits that mimic it. The strawberry body type has a bigger chest measurement than the hips and waist. In this shape, the curves are around the bust area, and the waists and hips are not prominent.

Curvy Women

Why should you buy clothes made for you?

Just like an adult cannot fit into a child’s clothing so also someone with a curvy body type cannot fit into a dress that is made for a skinny body type individual. Being Curvy translates to difficulty in online shopping. It is also tough to find clothes for curvy women as many designers do not make bigger sizes than a size 12.

There are, however, reputable sites that sell clothes solely to meet this need like Fashion to Figure. Check out more about fashion to figure out if they would have what you need. You may read reviews about their services and prices before patronizing them. You might even find another option while checking them out.

In our opinion, a curvy woman does not need to be afraid of showing off her shape, especially with the right wear. Add style, and confidence with a touch of elegant grace, and any curvy body type female can rule the world. The only challenge is when a curvy woman wears a dress that does not fit.