I have had a couple of people ask me lately where they could source materials to make beaded jewelry at home. After discussing with one of these individuals, a lady, I suddenly realized the potential the beaded jewelry industry has as an income source.

In a bid to research the market trends of the beaded jewelry ecosystem, I took the trouble upon myself to read about Kbeads, Fire Mountain Gems, and a few other successful companies in that field. And I came up with gleanings to serve as a guide for anyone looking to turn their passion for in-house beading into a full-fledged business.

1.Be passionate about what you do

Like most businesses that require skill and artistry, it is necessary to develop a passion for beading. First, make it a hobby; enjoy doing it before going into business. Taking jewelry beading as a business is like wedlock, love for it is a requirement for weathering the storm of rough times.

2.Be open to learning new skills

The fashion industry is a domiciliary of the jewelry business, but though not as volatile in trends as other aspects of fashion. There are still considerable changes in the market that will require you to update old skills or learn a new one altogether. It would equally be expedient for you to learn how to start a small business.

For this, you can follow the popular online influencers on home beading, follow online tutorials, and attend available workshops.

3.Draft your business plan

After learning the pros and cons of incorporating a small business holding, you must draw up your execution plan of rolling out the different development stages of your business. Get a business name, identify market niches around you, experiment with an e-commerce campaign for your jewelry.

Another thing you have to consider is where to source your production materials. Since you are going to a business scale of production, you might want to source from online wholesaler outlets like Aliexpress or Kbeads. Wholesale sourcing will most likely be better off than buying production materials from local retails shops.

4.Keep a soft catalog of all your productions

Before opting to get serious with the beading business, you have likely been making articles at giveaway prices for family and acquaintances. But the decision to start a business will require you to start keeping a photo catalog of all your creations, if you are still in contact with old customers who bought exquisite bead sets from you, ask them to take a picture of themselves in the bead and send to you. With these, you have materials for your online marketing campaigns.

5.Explore all available avenues of marketing your product

Use all available means of showing off your creative works to potential customers. Wearing a beautiful piece each time you go on shopping trips or to a public function will not be a bad idea. While waiting for the online stream of customers, it is necessary to personally explore available opportunities to show people what you are good at doing.