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What To Look For while Buying Crabs

One of the easy task that one can engage is buying crabs that are of the type you are familiar with. Crabs also usually are of both genders hence you must be specific on the gender of your preference. Thus the difference in gender means they are also visible differing in appearance between the male and the female. Therfore due to the notable color difference in the color of the claws it’s easy to differentiate the male and the female. In buying of the crabs the size of the crab is also a factor to consider as not all sizes of the crabs will be favorable to you.

When it comes to classifying crabs concerning size there are those which are considered to be small and big ones with the small one ranging between four and a half inches with the big ones being around five inches. To make easy for the buyers the sellers of the crabs generally give them names according to the size that is number one two and three. The largest males are usually named as a number since they are generally large. Number two and three is mainly for the small crabs with number three having the most minor of all crabs involving the female ones. When buying crabs it’s also necessary that you should consider the quantity of the crabs you will need.

Mainly the pricing of crabs is usually based in groups of twelve or full bushel where each bushel includes between six to around seven dozen of large crabs. When one is also buying crabs to be steamed at home it’s advisable that the size of the crabs should be at least five inches across for the male crabs while for the females there is no given specific size . When buying crabs it’s also imperative that you consider looking for the heavy crabs as they are the best for the squeezing of the back shell. its therefore advisable that you choose the right crabs which suits your needs or the needs of your customers.

When it comes to classifying the gender of crabs the gut is a very crucial aspect since the male have narrow stomachs while the females possess wide rounded bellies. When you also do press the flab at the center with a finger you can test the firmness of the crab since for the fleshy crab they usually have firm, yellow and a tinted belly that has a blue tinge which shows that the club is doing away with its reserves. When it comes to choosing crabs the best are those stored in dry places compared to those in tanks as they don’t reduce energy in swimming and hence their reeves exist for an extended period.

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